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Hearing Tests

We provide hearing tests in Bellingham, WA, for patients of all ages. Hearing loss affects more than just your hearing, it can affect your communication, social relationships, and even cognitive health. A hearing test is a great first step towards healthier hearing and taking control of your life. When you come to our hearing center, we will perform a series of tests to assess how well you can hear various sounds, including:

  • Pure Tone Testing
  • Bone Conduction Testing
  • Speech Testing
  • Tympanometry
  • Acoustic Reflex Testing
  • Speech in Noise Testing
  • Tinnitus Evaluations

Hearing Aid Fittings

Once we’ve tested your hearing, we will take the results of your audiogram to fit you with hearing aids. We will ensure the hearing aids sit comfortably and securely in your ears. Then, using our programing tools, we will expertly program the hearing aids to your unique hearing prescription. We encourage you to come in for follow-up appointments to make sure your hearing aids are performing optimally for you.

Hearing Aid Cleaning

We provide professional cleanings for hearing aids. Dust, dirt, and other small debris can get stuck in the tiny components of your hearing aids. For this reason, we recommend bringing your devices in every six months for a deep cleaning as this will ensure your hearing aids last you for many years.

Tinnitus Management

Ringing in the ears, medically known as tinnitus, affects millions of Americans. Tinnitus is when you hear a buzzing, humming, ringing, whistling, or other sounds in your ears when no external noise is present. Tinnitus can range from mildly annoying to debilitating. If tinnitus is disrupting your daily life, come in for a tinnitus test. We can assess your hearing and help you find a tinnitus treatment that will provide you with relief. Want to stop ringing in the ears? Contact our office today.

Hearing Protection

One of the most common causes of hearing loss in people of all ages is loud noise exposure. If you are often exposed to loud sounds, this can damage the delicate hair cells of the inner ear, which are responsible for hearing. It’s important to wear custom earplugs whenever you are exposed to sounds that exceed 85 decibels.

At Spencer Audiology Clinic, we can create specialty earmolds for custom fit hearing protection. We can make earplugs, earmolds, swim plugs, earbuds, and in-ear monitors for musicians. The best way to preserve your hearing ability is by protecting your ears.

Aural Rehabilitation

We provide counseling for patients, friends, or family on how to understand hearing aids and their benefits. We also provide counseling on good communication strategies, how to be strategic in noisy environments, and how to get the most out of your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Our hearing specialists are experts in repairing hearing aids. We can fix many issues in office. If there is something more serious with your hearing aids, such as water damage, then we will send them back to the manufacturer for you to be repaired.

Pediatric Services

Childhood hearing loss is more common than you may think. In fact, every 1 to 3 per 1,000 children have hearing loss. If you are concerned your child might have hearing loss, contact us for a full hearing test immediately. We offer the following pediatric hearing tests in our Bellingham office:

  • Behavioral Observation Audiometry (BOA)
  • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA)
  • Conditioned Oriented Response (COR)
  • Traditional Audiometric Testing
  • Speech Audiometry

Earwax Management

Clogged ears due to earwax can affect your hearing ability and can be extremely bothersome. At our hearing clinic, our audiologist can remove impacted earwax, so you can hear clearly again. Although you may be tempted to remove earwax on your own with a cotton swab, you should never do this. Cotton swabs can actually push the earwax further into the ear canal, making it worse. If your ears are bothering you, contact us for a hearing exam.

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