Fun hearing aid decoration

5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Hearing Aids For Halloween

These tricks will make your child’s hearing aids quite the treat!

Decorating hearing aids and cochlear implants is a great idea during this and any time of the year if you know what you’re doing. Here we answer some common questions we get about decorating hearing aids and cochlear implants.

1. Can I decorate my child’s (or my own) technology?

Sure! Anything that is motivational for children, tweens, and teens is great fun, as long as the “bling” doesn’t damage the aid — and there are a variety of options to choose from. Some of our technology partners have hearing aids in bright colors and/or with superhero or animal prints. Stick-on “jewels” designed for use on fingernails are great, as well as simple small stickers.

2. What parts should I be careful of? What materials do you approve of?

It is imperative that decorations do not compromise the microphone ports …

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