Fall Prevention in 5 Steps

5 Tips to Protect Against Falls

They’re typically unexpected and can happen anytime. They sometimes end with a giggle but often are far more serious. They’re falls, and preventing them can help preserve your health and quality of life. So don’t miss this: We’ve got five simple tips for avoiding hazardous slips!

According to research, falls are more common among people with hearing loss. In one study, patients with mild hearing loss were nearly three times as likely to report a fall in the previous year. Plus, every 10-decibel increase in hearing loss also meant a 1.4-fold increase in the odds of a fall the prior year.

The findings, from researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the National Institute on Aging, were consistent with past research linking hearing loss and increased risk of falling.

Falls are the second leading cause …

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Woman performs yoga for her balance issues

Are Balance Problems Related to Hearing Loss?

If you have balance problems, you’re not alone.

Balance disorders are real — they affect people the world over, including millions of people in North America — yet the problem seems invisible to many. Lean into Balance Awareness Week, and take steps to stay steady on your feet.

Balance Disorder Basics

Have you or a loved one had to cancel gatherings with friends or leave events early because of dizzy spells? Do others dismiss it with, “Everyone gets dizzy”? If only they could see what you feel. If only you had the support you need and a way to help others understand what you’re experiencing.

Get empowered with Balance Awareness Week, Sept. 13-19.

Every year during the third week in September, Balance Awareness Week helps raise awareness of vestibular or balance disorders, which can lead to falls or other problems and significantly affect quality of life. To help you …

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Best yoga poses for balance

How to Improve Your Balance with Yoga

According to Temple University research, women 65 and older who took twice-weekly yoga classes for nine weeks increased ankle flexibility and showed more confidence in walking. Flexibility and confidence? Sign us up!


What Is Balance?

Yoga can help with two types of balance — both physical and emotional. World-renowned yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar said it best:

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”

Balance is described in yogi terms by Yoga Journal as such:

“When we balance, we align our body’s center of gravity with the earth’s gravitational field. Quite literally, we place ourselves in physical equilibrium with a fundamental force of nature.”

According to Yoga Journal, you can’t balance by staying still. Rather, you’re constantly refreshing your balance each moment. This kind of alignment brings harmony not only to our skin and bones, …

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